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Welcome to Chautauqua Co-Operative Homes. OUR PURPOSE is to provide reasonable and affordable housing for families in a safe and harmonious environment.

We are a “Non-Profit” Corporation. We have a mandate to serve the needs of people who would not only benefit but contribute to a community that is founded upon the Principles of Co-Operation.

OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE is to select the best Members for our Co-Operative, taking into full account the needs of our community and the needs of the individuals. We strive to choose families who understand the overall benefits from participation and volunteering. This selection process is Critical to our Membership.

The success within our community is strong and healthy due to the pride and dedication of our Membership. We promote a co-operative and interactive community spirit. Therefore, your participation is our expectation.

If you are an interested applicant, please submit your application when the waiting list opens up. Your Application and acceptance will be by resolution of the Board of Directors.

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About Co-ops

A housing Cooperative is a group of people who form a corporation to provide housing services for themselves.

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To be considered for membership at Chautauqua Co-op, applicants must complete the  application form with full information.

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Check out our various unit floor plans and review our monthly housing charges paid by our members at Chautauqua Co-op.

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